Traditional Siberian Aboriginal Yakut hand forged knf

Traditional Siberian Aboriginal Yakut hand forged knf

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This is a traditional Siberian hand forged Yakut knife. 

BLADE:  2,6” long  Forged HC-400 high carbon stainless steel (Rus X12МФ). Thickness 5 mm. 

Handle: 5 “ Karelian Birch with ironwood and copper inserts   

The sheath and the belt loop are crafted from genuine leather. 

The Evenki knife's unique concave/convex geometry sets it apart from every other knife.

 The Karelian Birch or Curly birch is found naturally only in Northern Europe and only in small separate areas. In Finland, it occurs naturally in Southern Finland up to the latitude of Jyväskylä, and especially in former Swidden areas. As regards the other Nordic countries, curly birch occurs in parts of Southern Sweden and in the most south-easterly parts of Norway. In addition to the above, curly birch is to be found in the Russia (Karelia, Inkerinmaa), and in some other parts of Eastern Siberia. There also are scattered stands of curly birch in Central Europe. However, curly birch is most abundant in Finland and in the Karelia part of Russia. The wood is valued for its rear pattern and beauty.