Traditional Siberian Hunter's Charka Cups / hatchet set

Traditional Siberian Hunter's Charka Cups / hatchet set

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This set includes a traditional Siberian Charka cup hand-carved from selected aged Siberian Birch tree and treated with a mix of natural organic oils and bees wax.  Also included in this set a tradition hand-forged mini hatchet.

Total hatchet size: 6,5” x 5”

Charka (Russian) or Kuksa/Guksi (FinnishkuksaSwedishkåsa) is a type of drinking cup traditionally crafted by the people of the Northern Russia or northern Scandinavia from carved birch burl.

These particular Charka cups are custom handcrafted by an artist from Siberia (Russia)  from birch wood and treated with beeswax and oil.  

Today, a traditional charka is difficult to find outside Siberia or northern Scandinavia, partly because burls are seldom harvested in modern mechanized forestry. With the introduction of glass, ceramic and metal drinkingware, the skill of making a such artwork has become a pastime skill rather than the essential one as it was in the past. Nowadays it is also used for bushcraft. When used this way, it is carved by the person who is going to use it, or it's a gift from a friend.