Hand-crafted Siberian Birch Bark container

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Hand-crafted Siberian Birch Bark container 

BIRCH! Birch is an amazing tree! Up north we are truly blessed by the Creator to have such an amazing tree that gives us all its treasures:

1. WOOD/BURL. Very light strong wood to craft cups, spoons etc…. Karelian birch wood pattern looks amazing on knife handles. Burls on roots are the best traditional material for Yakut knives handles because of their density and strength.

2. BIRCH BARK to craft everything with. Birch bark does not absorb water, does not rot, does not absorb odours (bread placed in a birch bark container does not develop mold because or the natural antiseptic properties of birch bark.

3. CHAGA. Well chaga is all around natural healer that grows as a fungi on birches.

4. BIRCH TAR. Birch tar is extracted from the birch bark and possess amazing antiseptic and unti-bacterial properties. It has been used for centuries as a lubricant and in traditional medicine. Birch tar helps with all kinds of skin conditions. I think the list continues … Am I forgetting anything? Oh and everyone knows that birch bark would start you your fire even in the most atrocious conditions in a second when everything else in the woods is wet or frozen